Elevating Guest Experiences Through Technology: A Guide for Modern Hoteliers

In the hospitality industry, the guest experience is everything. It’s the heart and soul of what we do, dictating not only immediate satisfaction but also long-term loyalty and advocacy. As we navigate the digital age, technology has emerged as a pivotal element in enhancing these experiences, offering new ways to delight guests, streamline operations, and … Read more

Boost Your Hotel’s Bookings: Ditch OTA Commissions with Smart Tech Upgrades

Boost Your Hotel's Bookings

Hey there, dear hoteliers and resort owners! Let’s have a chat about something that’s probably been on your mind: those pesky OTA (Online Travel Agencies) commissions. Sure, OTAs like Booking.com or Expedia bring in bookings, but they also take a hefty slice of the pie, right? Imagine what you could do if you could keep … Read more