Easy Tips for Earning Hotel Loyalty Points


Think about a hotel like it’s a friend’s house. Just like you enjoy going back to a friend who makes you feel welcome and special, people like going back to hotels where they feel the same way. This is what we call “hotel loyalty.” It’s when guests choose the same hotel again and again because they had a great experience there.

In this article, we want to share some important advice or “tips” that can help any hotel become a place guests love to come back to. We call these “Hotel Loyalty” and “Tips for Hotel Business.” We will talk about how making guests feel special and giving them unforgettable experiences can make them loyal fans of your hotel.

We’re going to look at two big ways to do this. The first way is to make sure your team, the people who work at the hotel, are as much of a highlight as the hotel itself. Imagine how nice it is when someone remembers your name and asks how your day was. That’s the feeling you want your guests to have. The second way is to create amazing events right at your hotel that guests can’t find anywhere else. This could be anything from a cooking class to a local music night.

Let’s explore these ideas together and find out how they can make a big difference in making guests love your hotel and want to come back.

Explore 2 of our favorite hotel loyalty tips:

1. Showcase the Team as Much as the Space

Understanding the Importance

Imagine you’re going to a hotel. The very first person you see and talk to is part of the hotel’s team. How they greet you and help you starts your visit. If they are smiling, kind, and ready to help, you will feel welcomed. This makes you like the hotel right from the start. You might even want to come back because you remember how nice and friendly the people were.

Building a Connection

It’s like making a new friend. The hotel’s team should talk to you, listen to what you say, and show they care about you. They might ask, “Did you have a good trip?” or “Is there anything special you’d like during your stay?” This makes you feel important and cared for. Just like friends do, they make you feel at home, making you love the hotel even more.

Training and Empowerment

Hotels need to teach their team to be the best friends to their guests. This means showing them how to be super friendly, listen well, and help guests in the best ways possible. But there’s something even better: letting the team make some choices to help guests even more. If a staff member can fix a problem or make a guest’s stay better without always having to ask a boss, guests get help faster and feel even happier.

Recognition and Rewards

Saying “thank you” is powerful. When the hotel’s team does a great job, the hotel should thank them. This could be a simple “good job” or something special like a reward. Happy team members make happy guests. It’s like when someone smiles at you, and you smile back. Everyone feels better. And when guests leave feeling happy, they remember how good their stay was and want to come back.

2. Follow Up with a Great Event Experience

The Power of Memorable Events

Think about a hotel stay that’s not just about sleeping in a different bed. It’s about doing something fun that you’ll remember. Hotels can organize events like a music night where everyone dances, a dinner featuring local dishes, or a class where you can learn something new, like painting or cooking. These activities turn a regular hotel stay into an adventure. Guests go home with special stories, not just memories of a place they slept.

Personalization is Key

Every guest is unique, and hotels that remember this can create amazing experiences. If a guest loves jazz music, imagine how happy they’d be with a surprise jazz concert at the hotel. Or if someone loves Italian food, what if there was a pasta-making class? By paying attention to what each guest likes and adding those things to events, hotels can make everyone feel incredibly special and ensure they have a great time.

Feedback and Improvement

After the fun is over, it’s smart for hotels to ask, “Did you enjoy it?” This question shows guests that the hotel really cares about their happiness. Plus, what guests say can help make future events even better. If many guests say they loved the jazz concert, maybe the hotel will plan more music events. It’s all about learning what works and making it even better next time.

Marketing Your Events

Telling the world about these cool events is important. Hotels can use their websites, Instagram, Facebook, or emails to share what’s happening. This isn’t just for guests who are already staying at the hotel. It’s also for people living nearby or planning a visit. When they see how much fun is happening, they might decide to book a stay or drop by for an event. This way, more and more people find out how great the hotel is, helping it become even more popular.


1. What is hotel loyalty?

Hotel loyalty is when guests like a hotel so much that they decide to stay there again in the future. It’s like having a favorite coffee shop where you always go because you love their coffee and the people there make you feel welcome.

2. How can hotels make guests feel special?

Hotels can make guests feel special by remembering their names, asking about their day, and taking care of any special requests they might have, like a room with a view or help with planning a surprise for someone.

3. Why is the hotel team important for guest loyalty?

The hotel team is important because they are the first people guests meet. If the team is friendly and helpful, guests will feel welcomed and appreciated. This makes guests enjoy their stay more and want to come back.

4. What kind of events can hotels host to improve guest experience?

Hotels can host many kinds of events, like music nights, local food tastings, or classes where guests can learn something new, such as cooking or painting. These events give guests fun memories of their stay.

5. How do hotels know if guests liked an event or not?

Hotels can ask guests what they thought about the event by talking to them, sending a quick survey by email, or asking for feedback when they check out. This helps hotels know what guests enjoy and how to make future events even better.

6. Can small hotels also make guests loyal?

Yes, small hotels can make guests loyal too. They can offer personal touches and make guests feel like part of a family. Small hotels can host smaller events or offer personalized services that make guests feel special.

7. How often should hotels train their staff?

Hotels should train their staff regularly to make sure everyone knows how to make guests feel welcome and take care of their needs. Training every few months or when new services are added is a good idea.

8. How can hotels say ‘thank you’ to their staff?

Hotels can say “thank you” to their staff by giving them rewards like a day off, a small party, or a bonus. Saying thank you in team meetings also shows staff that their hard work is appreciated.

9. Do guests really care about personalized experiences?

Yes, guests really appreciate personalized experiences because they make them feel recognized and valued. It can be something as simple as a welcome note in their room or a recommendation for a local place to visit that matches their interests.

10. How can hotels use social media to promote their events?

Hotels can use social media to share pictures and details about their events, like a special dinner or a weekend workshop. They can also share stories from guests who enjoyed the events. This can make more people interested in coming to the hotel to join in the fun.


Building hotel loyalty is an ongoing process that demands attention to detail, a commitment to excellence, and a genuine desire to provide memorable experiences. By showcasing your team and following up with great event experiences, you lay a solid foundation for guest loyalty. Remember, in the hospitality industry, it’s not just about the place; it’s about the people, the experiences, and the memories you create. Start implementing these tips today and watch as your hotel business thrives, marked by a loyal and ever-growing guest base.