Clever Tips to Get More Reviews from Guests


In today’s digital age, hotel guests reviews have become a cornerstone of the hospitality industry. A glowing review can significantly boost a hotel’s reputation, while a negative one can deter potential guests. This article explores simple yet effective strategies to encourage more guests to share their experiences. By focusing on delivering exceptional service and engaging with guests in a meaningful way, hotels can enhance their online presence through positive reviews.

Five simple steps to get more guest reviews at your hotel:

1. Start with Epic Service

Getting more positive reviews for your hotel begins with one key thing: offering your guests an experience they’ll never forget. When people feel taken care of in a special way, they want to tell others about it. Making sure every guest feels like they’re the most important person in the world during their stay is the secret. This starts the moment they walk in the door and lasts until they say goodbye. If a guest leaves your hotel with a big smile, there’s a good chance they’ll share their happy experience in a review.

Understanding Guest Needs

Every guest is different. Some may come for peace and quiet, while others might be looking for adventure. Paying close attention to what each guest is looking for makes them feel really special. For example, if you notice a family checking in with children, suggesting fun activities for kids nearby shows you care. Or, if a guest mentions they love history, providing them with a list of must-see historical sites in the area can make their stay memorable. It’s these little touches that show you’re paying attention and that you value them not just as guests, but as individuals.

Going Above and Beyond

Sometimes, it’s the unexpected surprises that make a stay unforgettable. Imagine a guest returns to their room on their birthday to find a small cake and a handwritten note wishing them well. Or perhaps a couple celebrating their anniversary receives a complimentary upgrade to a better room. These gestures don’t have to be big or expensive; it’s the thought that counts. Acts of kindness like these are often shared in reviews because they are the moments that stand out in a guest’s memory.

Consistent Excellence

Providing top-notch service every single time is what will keep guests coming back—and talking about your hotel. This means everything from the cleanliness of the rooms, the quality of the food, to the helpfulness of the staff needs to be excellent. If a guest has a great experience from start to finish, they’re more likely to take the time to write a positive review. It’s also important to be consistent because people expect the same great experience every time they visit. When your hotel consistently delivers high-quality service, guests will not only leave good reviews but will also recommend your hotel to others.

2. Catch Guests While They’re Still In-House

Asking guests to write reviews while they are still with you can be very effective. This is because their happy experiences are fresh in their minds. There are several ways you can gently remind them to share their thoughts about their stay, making it easy and convenient for them to do so.

In-Person Reminders

A simple, friendly chat can go a long way. When hotel staff engage in casual conversations with guests, asking them about their stay, it creates the perfect opportunity to mention leaving a review. For instance, if a guest mentions they loved the hotel breakfast, you could say, “That’s wonderful to hear! If you have a moment, we’d love for you to share your breakfast experience in a review online. It really helps us a lot!” This personal touch can make a big difference in encouraging guests to write a review.

Feedback Cards

Another easy method is to use feedback cards. These can be placed in visible spots in guest rooms or common areas like the lobby or near the elevators. The cards can have a friendly message, such as, “Enjoying your stay? We’d love to hear about it! Please consider leaving us a review.” Including simple instructions or a QR code that takes them directly to a review site makes it even easier for guests to leave their feedback.

Digital Prompts

In today’s digital age, many hotels are equipped with in-room tablets or have their own mobile app. These can be used smartly to remind guests about leaving a review. For example, you could set up a gentle pop-up reminder on the tablet or send a notification through the app saying, “Your opinion matters to us! Please leave a review of your stay.” This method is not only convenient for guests but also makes it more likely for them to act on the spot.

3. Keep in Touch with Guests Right Away to Get More Reviews

Right after guests leave your hotel, it’s a good idea to send them a message. This shows you care about what they think and keeps their visit fresh in their minds. Sending a thank you note by email or message can make them more likely to write a review.

Personalized Communication

When you write to your guests, make sure the message feels personal. Mention something special about their stay. This could be about how much you enjoyed having them or something unique they did at the hotel. This makes guests feel really seen and appreciated.

Timing is Key

The best time to ask for a review is right after they’ve checked out. This is when their memories of their stay are clearest. A quick message asking for feedback at this time means they’re more likely to respond.

Simplify the Process

Make it as easy as possible for guests to leave a review. Include a link in your message that takes them straight to where they can write their thoughts. This way, they don’t have to look it up themselves, making them more likely to do it.

4. Give Out Keepsake Postcards to Guests

Giving guests a postcard as a reminder of their stay is a sweet way to encourage them to leave a review. The postcard could have a pretty picture of the hotel or something special nearby. It’s a nice keepsake for them and a gentle hint to write a review.

  • Memorable Souvenirs: A beautiful postcard can remind guests of the good times they had at your hotel. Seeing it can make them want to share their happy memories in a review.
  • Direct Call to Action: Put simple instructions on the postcard on how they can leave a review. This makes it super easy for guests to know exactly what to do.
  • Personal Touch: A handwritten note on the postcard makes it feel more personal. It shows you really care about their visit and value their thoughts.

5. Tell Guests How Their Feedback Will Help Your Hotel

Letting guests know that their reviews really make a difference can encourage them to write one. Tell them how their feedback helps improve the hotel and makes future guests’ stays better.

  • Impact of Reviews: Explain that their opinions help the hotel get even better. Knowing that their review can lead to real changes can make guests feel like their voice matters.
  • Encouraging Transparency: Tell your guests you value honesty. This builds trust and makes them feel comfortable sharing their real thoughts.
  • Building Relationships: Asking for reviews is a way to keep talking to your guests even after they’ve left. It shows you’re interested in their opinions and want to keep improving. This can make them feel more connected to your hotel and more likely to return.


1. Why do hotel reviews matter?

Reviews are important because they tell us what we’re doing right and what we need to improve. They also help other people decide if they want to stay with us.

2. How can I leave a review for a hotel?

You can leave a review by going to the hotel’s website and following the link to review sites, or by visiting popular travel review websites directly.

3. When should I write a hotel review?

The best time to write a review is right after your stay, so your memories are fresh and you can share detailed thoughts.

4. What should I include in my hotel review?

Talk about what you liked and didn’t like, such as the room, service, food, and any special touches or problems.

5. Do hotels really read all the reviews?

Yes, most hotels read all the reviews to learn how they can make guests’ stays better.

6. Can I leave a review if I had a bad experience?

Yes, it’s important to share honest feedback, even if it’s negative. This helps the hotel improve.

7. Will the hotel contact me after I leave a review?

If you leave contact information and ask for a follow-up, the hotel might reach out to you, especially if you had a problem during your stay.

8. Are all online hotel reviews true?

Most reviews are true because they come from people who stayed at the hotel. But it’s a good idea to read many reviews to get a full picture.

9. Can my review really make a difference?

Yes, your review can help the hotel know what’s working and what’s not. Your feedback can lead to changes that make everyone’s stay better.

10. Is it okay to leave a review long after my stay?

It’s best to write your review soon after your stay, but if you forgot, it’s still okay to write one later. Your thoughts are always valuable.


Encouraging more guests to leave reviews is an art that combines exceptional service with strategic engagement. By implementing these simple steps, hotels can significantly increase their online visibility and reputation. Remember, each review is an opportunity to enhance your hotel’s appeal and attract future guests. Start these practices today, and watch as your hotel’s review count—and satisfaction scores.