10 Ways to Impress Hotel Guests and Earn More Business


In the hotel business, making guests happy is very important. When people stay at a hotel, they want more than just a bed to sleep in. They are looking for a special experience they can remember and talk about. If you run or manage a hotel, your goal is to make every guest’s visit unforgettable. You want them to come back again and enjoy their stay so much that they tell their friends and family about it.

This article talks about ten important ways you can make sure your guests have a great time at your hotel. These tips are like building blocks. Each one adds something special to the guest’s experience. By using these strategies, you can make a big difference in how guests see your hotel. This can help your hotel do better by bringing in more guests and encouraging the ones who have stayed with you to come back.

We’ll go through each of these ten strategies in detail. You’ll learn how simple things like paying attention to what guests like, making their stay comfortable and fun, and using technology to make things easier can all add up to a wonderful experience. Whether your hotel is big or small, these tips can help you stand out and make sure your guests leave with a smile, ready to return.

Explore 10 Ways to Impress Hotel Guests and Earn More Business:

1. Personalized Experiences

Understand the Power of Personal Touch: Making guests feel special is key. This means knowing what they like and using that to make their stay better. For example, if a guest loves morning coffee, having it ready for them can make a big difference. This shows you care and pay attention.

Gather Guest Preferences Before Arrival: Before a guest comes, ask them what they like. This can be about the room, food, or anything else. Use a simple form when they book their stay. This way, you can prepare to make their visit special from the start.

Customize Their Stay: Use the information guests give you to make their stay unique. If they are visiting for a birthday, maybe have a small gift in their room. Little things like this show guests you want their stay to be great.

Surprise and Delight: Sometimes, do something unexpected for your guests. Maybe offer a free upgrade or a discount at your hotel’s restaurant. Surprises make guests happy and more likely to remember their stay fondly.

Feedback is Gold: After their visit, ask guests how it was. Use their feedback to make things even better. If guests suggest improvements, listen and act. This shows you value their opinion and are always working to improve.

2. Spotless and Comfortable Accommodations

Maintain High Standards of Cleanliness: Keeping your hotel clean is very important. Guests want to stay in a place that feels fresh and clean. Make sure every part of the hotel, especially the rooms, are cleaned regularly and thoroughly.

Invest in Quality Bedding and Amenities: Comfortable beds and high-quality amenities make a stay much better. Make sure the beds are very comfortable, and the sheets are soft. Also, provide good quality toiletries in the bathroom. These things make guests feel cared for.

Regularly Update Room Features: Keep your rooms looking modern and fresh. This means updating the decor and fixing anything that’s old or broken. Guests appreciate staying in a place that looks and feels new and well-cared for.

Ensure Quiet and Privacy: Guests want to relax and feel private. Make sure rooms are quiet and guests can enjoy their space without being disturbed. This might mean soundproofing or having rules about noise in the hotel.

Safety Comes First: Make sure your hotel is safe. Guests should feel secure at all times. This means good locks on doors, safe in rooms for valuables, and clear information about what to do in an emergency.

3. Exceptional Customer Service

Train Staff to Go Above and Beyond: Teach your team to do more than what guests expect. This could be remembering guests’ names or their favorite things. When staff make guests feel special, guests remember their stay as excellent.

Foster a Culture of Hospitality: Make sure every team member, from cleaners to managers, treats guests warmly. A friendly hello can make a big difference. Happy staff create a happy place for guests.

Address Issues Promptly and Efficiently: When problems happen, fix them fast. Show guests you care about their comfort. Quick fixes make guests feel listened to and valued.

4.Unique Amenities and Services

Offer Something Guests Can’t Get Elsewhere: Give guests a reason to choose you. Maybe your hotel has a rooftop garden or a chef who makes meals with local foods. Unique things make your hotel stand out.

Enhance Their Stay with Exclusive Offers: Give special deals like a free tour or a spa discount. Offers like these make guests feel they’re getting more for their money.

Provide Complimentary Benefits That Add Value: Free things like breakfast or parking add lots of value. Guests love getting more than they expected.

5.Leverage Technology for Convenience

Implement Easy Check-in and Check-out Processes: Use technology to make coming and going simple. Online check-in and check-out can save time and make everything smoother for guests.

Use Apps to Enhance Guest Experience: An app for your hotel can help guests order room service, book spa appointments, or find hotel information easily from their phones.

Offer High-Speed Wi-Fi as a Standard: Fast, free Wi-Fi is a must. Guests need it to work, play, and stay in touch with others.

6.Engage Through Social Media

Create a Community Around Your Brand: Use social media to talk with guests. Share news, stories, and special offers. It’s a way to keep connected and make guests feel part of a community.

Share Behind-the-Scenes Content: Show what happens behind the scenes at your hotel. Guests like seeing how you make their stay special.

Use Feedback to Improve and Innovate: Listen to what guests say online. Their ideas can help you make your hotel even better.

7.Local Experiences and Partnerships

Guide Guests to Local Attractions and Events: Help guests find fun things to do nearby. Your knowledge can make their visit more enjoyable.

Partner with Local Businesses for Exclusive Offers: Work with local shops and restaurants to get special deals for your guests. This adds value to their stay and supports the local community.

Tailor Recommendations to Guest Preferences: Suggest activities based on what guests like. Personal tips make their experience unique.

8.Sustainability Practices

Implement Eco-Friendly Initiatives: Use green practices in your hotel. Things like recycling, using less water, and solar power help the environment.

Educate Guests on Your Efforts: Tell guests about your green efforts. Many will be happy to know they’re staying in a place that cares for the planet.

Offer Options for Guests to Participate: Give guests ways to be eco-friendly too, like reusing towels or choosing not to have their room cleaned every day.

9.Loyalty Programs and Incentives

Reward Repeat Business: Thank guests who come back with special rewards. This could be a free night or upgrades.

Provide Incentives for Direct Bookings: Offer better prices or perks when guests book directly with you. This saves you money and gives guests a better deal.

Tailor Rewards to Guest Preferences: Give rewards that match what guests like. If they love dining, offer them a meal at your hotel’s restaurant.

10.Follow-Up and Feedback

Thank Guests After Their Stay: A simple thank-you note can make guests feel appreciated and more likely to return.

Request Feedback in a Personal Way: Ask guests how their stay was in a way that feels genuine. This shows you really care about improving.

Use Feedback to Make Meaningful Improvements: Listen to what guests say. Their suggestions can help you make their next stay even better.


1. How can I let the hotel know about my preferences before I arrive?

You can share your preferences by filling out a simple form that the hotel sends you when you book your room. This form might ask about your room setup, food likes, and any special needs you have.

2. What kind of personalized services can I expect during my stay?

Depending on what you like, you might find your favorite kind of coffee waiting for you in the morning, a special note or gift if you’re celebrating something, or even room adjustments based on your comfort preferences.

3. Are there any extra costs for personalized services?

Many hotels offer basic personal touches at no extra cost. But, some special services or surprises, like room upgrades, might come with a small fee. It’s best to ask the hotel about any costs.

4. Can the hotel arrange a surprise for my partner’s birthday?

Yes, most hotels are happy to help arrange surprises for special occasions like birthdays. They might place a gift in your room or organize something special. Let them know in advance!

5. What should I do if my preferences are not met?

If something isn’t quite right, it’s important to tell the hotel staff as soon as you can. They’ll likely do their best to fix the issue and make sure the rest of your stay is enjoyable.

6. How do hotels use my feedback?

Hotels use your feedback to improve. If you suggest something could be better or compliment a service, they listen. This helps them make stays better for you and future guests.

7. Can I request a specific room location?

Yes, you can usually request where in the hotel you’d like your room to be, like near the elevator or with a view. While the hotel can’t always guarantee it, they’ll try their best to meet your request.

8. Is it possible to have special dietary needs catered for?

Absolutely. When you let the hotel know about your dietary needs before you arrive, they can prepare food that meets your requirements, ensuring you have a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

9. How do I ensure my preferences are remembered for future stays?

Many hotels keep a record of your preferences so they can automatically apply them to your future stays. Always check with the hotel to make sure they have the correct information on file.

10. What if I don’t want any personalized services?

If you prefer a more standard stay without personalized touches, simply let the hotel know. They’ll respect your wishes and ensure your stay is comfortable without the extra personalization.

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